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Booking maintenance page


Read the two categories carefully in order to request the maintenance properly, if you request bigger maintenance under small, the maintenance crew might refer you to book through the known email process. 

Larger maintenance
Small Maintenance
  • Faucets or shower head that need to be tightened

  • Sealant ( kit) that needs to be applied to the bathroom

  • Toilet not flushing properly

  • Cabinet or desk needs to be screwed/alligned for stability

  • Help with filters or lights replacement (note that in general the tenant needs to supply the filter or light bulb)

  • Unstable bed

  • Lock does not run smoothly

  • Unclogging of KITCHEN sink, after using HG Unclogger (bought at a supermarket, click here)

  • Repair electricity socket

  • Window mechanism

  • Screws, or other tools you need help with

  • Give notice of broken outside lights

  • Things not listed, but that reasonably can be fixed within 20 minutes

  • Heavy leakage

  • Grill of the window(rolluik) doesn't function

  • Toilet or shower does not flush (after trying HG ontstopper click here)

  • Window Mechanism broken

  • Key/Lock fully broken

  • CV/Hot water malfunction

  • Emergency maintenance

  • Maintenance that takes over 20 minutes

  • Broken kitchen stove

  • Other requests that would take longer then 20 minutes

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