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Is your shower or toilet clogged?

When a toilet is clogged, this is almost always caused by flushing items that should not be flushed.

As a tenant, you are responsible for getting the blockage removed at your own expense if this is due to lack of care, or if the tenant could have also resolved the issue themselves. Please follow the same steps as for you shower.


If you notice that the water in the shower tray isn’t draining away fast enough, the drain is probably blocked. Hair and soap residue can build up and prevent the water from draining away properly, which may cause your shower tray to overflow and cause damage.


We advise you to clean your shower drain once a week to prevent blockages and leaks. You, as the tenant, are responsible for this yourself. Leaks caused by failure to clean the drain regularly are expensive and will be charged to the tenant. Never use drain clearing granules as this only makes the blockage  worse!


Our advice: pour washing soda dissolved in a large quantity of boiling water into the drain. Repeat this a few times to unblock the drain. Rinse if necessary with plenty of cold water.


You can also refer to Google for other basic and easy methods. An alternative is ‘HG ontstopper’, which can be obtained from the supermarket and drugstore. The instructions for using this product can be found on the package of the product.


Below are the instructions for cleaning the shower drain.


1. Remove the steel drain cover by lifting it up with a screwdriver or knife;



2. Take note of the clip mechanism when replacing the cover;




3. First remove the sieve and then the overflow cup;



4. Clean the sieve, cup and drain and replace the parts. Align the cover plate correctly on the drain and click it into place;




5. Repeat this process at least once a week!


If you still are unable to fix the issue, please send an email to and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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