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Mail from previous tenants

It is possible that you might receive mail in your mailbox from the previous tenant .


Since opening and throwing away other people’s mail is not allowed, please follow below guidelines:

  1. Cross off the address on the envelop;

  2. Write “Vetrokken – retour afzender” on the envelop in a clearly visible way;

  3. Bring the envelop to a PostNL mailbox or to a PostNL mail/package point.


Tip: If you have any questions or are in need for more information (e.g. the closest PostNL mailbox), please check de website van PostNL.


Please do NOT put former tenants’ mail on top of the mailboxes or in the entrance hall.


When moving out yourself, we strongly advise you to put a note in the mailbox informing the next tenant of the room about your new address in the Netherlands and/or your contact details (email, phone number).

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