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Housing allowance, and how to apply

If you live at Haarweg 333 you may qualify for rent benefits. The benefit can amount to €110 each month, or more depending on personal situations. Please read the information below carefully, since this is our advice to you, and subject to detail. 

If you are having trouble applying becauae the previous tenant is still registered, follow the next two steps: 

1st: call & email the contact details in the link below, so the municipality can do an adress research. Click here for the municipality details

2nd: send us an email, and we will contact the previous tenant, however, due to privacy reasons it is up to them to respond, so option 1 should also always be taken. 

Below you can find the official links to our governmental website regarding this matter:


For Dutch click here


For English click here

For an example how to fill in the form, check these pictures below. 

Please note: the amounts you fill in to apply,  are different from the total amount of the advance payment for your service costs. This is because not all costs incuded in the service costs are relevant for housing allowance.  For a further explanation, please check the website of the Dutch Tax authority mentioned above. Also, the amount you fill in  to apply may differ slightly from the  amount you used to fill in when Heyday was the property manager.

When applying for housing allowance, the following amounts apply:

·    Kale huur (net rent): see your contract;

·    Schoonmaak algemene ruimtes (cleaning common areas) €3,-

·    Nutsverbruik algemene ruimtes (utilities common areas) €0,-

·    Huismeesterkosten (concierge fees) €10,-

·    Kosten dienst en recreatieruimte (service and recreation room costs) €0

Below you can see screenshots of examples of how the housing allowance can turn out (with no income). 


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