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How do I pay my rent

As a tenant, it is your own responsibility to pay your rent in time, before the 1st of the next month. 

This can however be automated by signing the documents you received in the mail. This will ensure you always pay in time, and make the financial administation easier for both sides. 

The amount of the rent can be found in your rental agreement and contract thereof.

For those of you who manually transfer please use the following bank account:

Name : Stichting Huurgelden Huisvesting Wolf

IBAN: NL06 INGB 0629 8815 37


You can pay from any bank that you can bank transfer with.

If you are not the holder, make sure to mention the month and the room number in the description of the payment. For foreign banks, sometimes your bank will charge a fee, in that case, make sure the fee is payed by the sender, otherwise your rent will be a little short.


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