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Disturbances and Noise

According to the house rules/standing orders as indicated in the tenancy agreement, tenants are not allowed to cause any form  of (noise)disturbance (e.g. music, instrument, voices).


In case you do experience (noise)disturbance, we kindly request you to take action yourself first by starting a constructive conversation with your neighbour. This is often the most effective way based on our experiences. 


In the event that you have politely and constructively informed your neighbour about the (noise)disturbance caused and he/she does not take this into consideration, you can send us an email on Do not forget  to mention the room number the (noise)disturbance is coming from  and add an audio/a video file of the (noise)disturbance to the email indicating the level of disturbance. Or simply feel free to come by and have a chat about it when we are on site.


Do not hesitate on contacting us, we are very keen on knowing what goes on .

Also please note, that at the Haarweg 333 studio's on wednesdays the cleaning crew can be cleaning in front of your building from around 8:30 onwards, so do not be alarmed. 

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