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Service costs explanation

You can find the exact advance payments for service costs in your contract, however, here you can find an explanation about some of them.

The cleaning fee is used to keep the general area clean. Sylvia, and some of her colleague's clean around the different complexes and waste area's in order to help you keep the complex clean. 

The waste collection is for the different waste bins distributed throughout the Haarweg 333 and the glass container in front of block B. These get emptied several times per week. 

White goods is for the laundry rooms. Each complex has its own laundry room with washers and dryers for the tenants to use. 

Garden maintenance is used to keep the area around the complexes in check. "Donkergroen" a department linked to the WUR cuts the grass, maintains the health of the different plants and removes tree's or other dead plants if necessary.

Minor repairs can now also be booked through this website under the maintenance tab

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